Q1. What is a petrochemical complex?

Also known as an ethane cracker, a petrochemical complex is a large industrial plant that uses heat to process ethane, a natural gas component, into ethylene. Ethylene is the most commonly produced petrochemical, which is used as a root ingredient for many plastics, resins, adhesives, and synthetic products used in a variety of goods people use on a daily basis, such as beverage containers, food wrap, polyvinyl chloride and polyester, as well as several chemicals.

Q2. What is the status of this project?

The acquisition of the property and the signing of the front-end engineering and design contracts represent an enormous step in the life of this project. Approximately $100 million is being invested to conduct the detailed, front-end engineering design for a world-scale petrochemical complex on the west bank of the Ohio River in the Dilles Bottom area. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has completed its rigorous environmental review, issuing air and water permits for the project.

Q3. What factors will the company consider as it decides whether to go forward with the project?

Prior to starting the front-end engineering and design works, PTTGC America conducted a $10 million pre-engineering feasibility study. Preliminary results were positive, prompting the company to move onto the next phase of investigation. PTTGC America’s front-end engineering and design contractors are now working to determine a cost estimate for the project. If the company has concerns about the economic viability of the project, it will examine the estimates more closely.

Q5. How many jobs will result if this project goes forward?

Thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs will be created if this project goes forward. Additionally, a complex of this size will no doubt create a multiplier effect in the local community. A detailed study will generate a better estimate of the precise number of jobs that would be created.

Q6. What kinds of jobs would be available, and how can I apply for one of them?

Petrochemical complexes employ highly skilled workers: chemical engineers, chemists, lab technicians and other well-paid employees. We will post information for job applications on this website and throughout the region if and when we make the determination to go forward.

Q7. How long would it take to build the complex?

Approximately four years after the final investment decision, which has not yet been made.

Q8. Where, exactly, would the complex be built?

If PTTGC America makes the decision to go forward with the project, the complex will be in Mead Township in the Dilles Bottom area on the west side of the Ohio River.

Q9. Will homes need to be relocated, and what will be the process for that?

If PTTGC America makes the decision to go forward with the project, we will be in close communication with property owners on the relocation process. The safety and security of Belmont County residents are of the utmost importance to PTTGC America, and all decisions as it relates to residents will be made with those principles as a priority.