Economic Development Program Paves Way for New Jobs and Community Investment

If PTTGC America (PTTGCA) goes forward with a world-scale petrochemical complex in the Ohio Valley, significant revenue is guaranteed to flow to schools and local government services. As part of an economic development deal between PTTGCA and local governments, the project would invest $47.5 million over 15 years in education and other community needs while also generating more than $20 million in sales tax revenue during construction.

PTTGCA disclosed estimates of approximately 450 direct and indirect permanent jobs for the project. In addition, thousands of workers would be hired to build the plant over the four- to five-year period once it commenced.

Belmont County, Mead Township and Shadyside Schools approved Ohio Enterprise Zone Program agreements for PTTGCA today that will result in payments of $38 million to the school district over the 15-year life of the agreement. Mead Township would receive $9.5 million during the same period. Meanwhile, Belmont County is estimated to receive between $20 million and $24 million in sales tax revenue from the purchase of goods and equipment during the construction phase. The Ohio Department of Development’s Ohio Enterprise Zone Program would provide the project with a 15-year property tax exemption.

The project team appreciates the strong support of these local partners as well as Gov. Mike DeWine, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted and JobsOhio. As always, PTTGCA is extremely grateful for the enthusiasm and the patience of the Ohio Valley community.


PTTGCA Continues to Work Toward Final Investment Decision

Since mid-2019, PTTGCA’s contractors have been engaged in site preparation, engineering and design work to prepare for the possible world-scale petrochemical complex in the Ohio Valley. The first phase of this work has been successfully completed, and activity on the site will be significantly reduced for the next two or three months as PTTGCA works toward finalizing project financing and supply agreements. We will begin the next phase of this project closer to our final investment decision, which we continue to anticipate will come in the first half of this year. We thank JobsOhio, Governor Mike DeWine, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted and the local officials of Belmont County for their continued support, and we deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and the patience of the the Ohio Valley community throughout this process.

PTTGCA Reaches Agreement with Environmental Organizations

Pact Resolves All Issues Related to the Appeal of the Final Air Permit From Ohio EPA

 PTTGC America LLC (PTTGCA) announced today it has reached an agreement with three environmental organizations settling the appeal of the air permit-to-install issued in December of 2018 by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) for the proposed petrochemical complex in Belmont County. In working with the organizations, PTTGCA agreed to enhance environmental protection and public transparency measures beyond what is required by OEPA if the project goes forward. Sierra Club, Earthworks and FreshWater Accountability Project agreed to withdraw their appeal of the air permit. PTTGCA has not made a final investment decision on the project.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • An enhanced leak detection and repair program;
  • A commitment to publishing all information reported to OEPA on a publicly available website;
  • A commitment to perform additional stack testing.

“We respect Sierra Club, Earthworks and FreshWater Accountability Project for working with us on this agreement,” said Mr. Toasaporn Boonyapipat, president and CEO for PTTGCA. “The resolution of these issues is a tribute to their commitment to environmental protection. We also thank the people of the Ohio Valley community for their enthusiasm and support as we continue to work toward a final investment decision.”


PTTGCA and Daelim Begin Clearing Trees Around Project Site

PTTGC America and Daelim have contracted with a local business for the removal of trees of more than 3 inches in diameter in an area of approximately 140 acres at the the site of the proposed petrochemical complex in Belmont County.

The tree removal will be completed prior to March 31 to ensure that no Indiana Bats are impacted, in accordance with the federal Endangered Species Act.

PTTGCA and Daelim continue to work toward a final investment decision; no decision has been made at this time.

PTTGCA and Daelim Thank Governor Kasich

As he wraps up two successful terms as Ohio governor, PTTGC America and Daelim extend our sincerest gratitude toward John Kasich for his strong leadership and close partnership on the proposed world-scale petrochemical complex in Belmont County. While PTTGCA and Daelim continue to pursue a final investment decision on the project, the consistent support from the Kasich administration, JobsOhio  and numerous other partners at the national, state and local level has been of great benefit to us. We have been inspired by Governor Kasich’s vision of economic prosperity for all the people of Ohio, and it has been a pleasure to work with him and his outstanding team. We wish Governor Kasich all the best in the future.