PTTGCA and Daelim Thank Governor Kasich

As he wraps up two successful terms as Ohio governor, PTTGC America and Daelim extend our sincerest gratitude toward John Kasich for his strong leadership and close partnership on the proposed world-scale petrochemical complex in Belmont County. While PTTGCA and Daelim continue to pursue a final investment decision on the project, the consistent support from the Kasich administration, JobsOhio  and numerous other partners at the national, state and local level has been of great benefit to us. We have been inspired by Governor Kasich’s vision of economic prosperity for all the people of Ohio, and it has been a pleasure to work with him and his outstanding team. We wish Governor Kasich all the best in the future.

PTTGCA and Daelim Commit to Environmental Protection

PTTGCA-Daelim U.S Petrochemcial Project’s Commitment to Protecting the Environment

PTTGCA-Daelim’s U.S. Petrochemical Complex is being designed and will be constructed and operated to be protective of human health and the environment in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.  This is and will continue to be achieved  by the following actions.

Protection of Land Natural Resources and Local History

  • The cleanup and redevelopment of more than 400 acres of industrial land: Land use since the 1920s included a coal mine, sand and gravel quarry, asphalt batch plant and coal-fired power plant. Portions of the site were used for the storage and/or disposal of coal refuse material, coal bottom ash and fly ash and former underground petroleum strorage tanks.
  • Protection of the biodiversity by avoiding impacts to threatened and/or endangered species.
  • Protection and avoidance of sensitive archeological and cultural resources through the completion of cultural resource surveys and archaeological and geoarchaeological field surveys and investigations.
  • Protection, preservation and improvement of Dilles Bottom Cemetery for the local community in memory of the first families that settled in Dilles Bottom:  We will work with Mead Township to support the restoration and resetting of gravemarkers, construction of a protective decorative fence around the cemetery, and ongoing maintenance of the Cemetery.

Protection of Water Quality

  • Increasing the net acreage of U.S. waters (i.e., wetlands and surface waters) of equivalent or better quality through the in-lieu fee mitigation program of the Stream and Wetlands Foundation.
  • Improving the water quailty of Big Run Stream by reshaping, adding soil cover and revegetating the unreclaimed portions of the GOB piles facing Big Run Stream.
  • Obtaining a wastewater discharge permit: The discharge limits and continuous monitoring requirements protect the Ohio River so it can continue to be used for drinking, recreation, other water supply needs and to support a healthy aquatic life.
  • Providing Best Available Demonstrated Control Technology treatment levels that will produce effluent quality that will not degrade the Ohio River.
  • Minimizing freshwater consumption by using closed-cycle cooling systems, recycling excess process water back to the cooling tower water basin, and using mist eliminators in the cooling towers to minimize water losses.

Protection of Air Quality

  • Obtaining air permit: Air emissions from the plant will not prevent or interfere with the attainment or maintenance of National Ambient Air Quality Standards that were established by the U.S. and Ohio Environemntal Protection Agencies to protect human health and the environment. Emissions will be within the allowable Prevention of Significant Deterioration Class II area standards and will not cause adverse impacts on soil and vegetation or decrease visibility in the surrounding area.
  • Providing Best Available Control Technology to minimize the amount of air emissions.
  • Using natural gas and ultra Low-NOx burners to minimize the emissions from the steam boilers.
  • Using recycled tail gas as the primary fuel source for the ethane cracking furnaces: The recycled tail gas is a byproduct of the ethane cracking furnaces.
  • Using Low-NOx burners and Selective Catalytic Reduction to minimize the ethane cracking furnace NOx emissions.
  • Using Thermal Oxidizers to destroy hydrocarbons from the ethane cracker unit and HDPE process vents, and vents from the hydrocarbon storage tanks, hydrocarbon liquid railcar loading and wastewater treament operations.


Governor, PTTGC Welcome Daelim to Ohio

Joined by PTTGC executives, Governor John R. Kasich today welcomed Daelim Industrial to Ohio. South Korean-based Daelim, through its American subsidiary, is joining with PTTGC’s American subsidiary on a feasibility study for a petrochemical ethane cracker complex in Belmont County that will transform the Ohio Valley and the statewide economy. Although a final investment decision on the project has not yet been made, PTTGC America already has invested more than $100 million on the project in preparation for the proposed plan.

“It’s great to see these two world-class companies coming together to develop an exciting 21st Century industry that will dramatically transform Ohio,” Kasich said. “Building this massive ethane cracker plant here will be a game changer, not only for Eastern Ohio, but for the entire state as it will create so many new opportunities for economic development. Today’s announcement is an encouraging step forward for this project and that’s good news for Ohio families.”

The collaboration with Daelim brings plans for a larger plant, more jobs and more investment than what was originally anticipated when PTTGC America first announced its result of feasibility study in 2015. Production is now estimated at 1.5 million metric tons per year, which are at least 500,000 metric tons per year more than was previously anticipated. The plant will result in more capital investment and more jobs.

“The investment plans include significantly more ethylene output at a larger facility that would have a greater economic impact throughout the state for decades to come,” said John Minor, JobsOhio president and chief Investment officer.  “Ohio has the energy resources and attractive business climate, and now this potential joint venture between two world-class companies.”

PTTGC America and Daelim also are on track to acquire the property needed for the project. Once the companies close on the purchase of a 300-acre parcel, targeting in April, the companies will own almost 500 acres of needed land to build the complex. PTTGC America and Daelim hope to make a final investment decision on the project by the end of the year.

PTTGC and Daelim Moving Towards Agreement for Petrochemical Complex

The Board of Directors of PTTGC America LLC (PTTGCA), approved the execution of an agreement between PTTGCA and a subsidiary of Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd., a leading Korean construction and chemical company, to conduct a feasibility study and secure funding for the development of a petrochemical complex in Belmont County, Ohio. If constructed, the project will be capable of producing ethylene and its derivative with 1.5 metric tons per annum.

The Ohio petrochemical project has been developing since 2015. As PTTGCA continues to solicit strategic partners, there are multiple interests from international investors, including Daelim, to participate. The final investment decision is expected to be made by the end of 2018.

Daelim is a leading player in construction, with experience over 70 years and petrochemical businesses, with experience over 40 years, having the ethylene production capacity of 1.95 metric tons per annum.

Update Coming in 2018

PTTGC America will have a significant update that will demonstrate momentum for this project early in 2018. We thank all Ohio and Belmont County partners for their support, and we wish you a happy holiday season.

PTTGC America Signs MOU With JobsOhio

MOU Establishes collaboration for development program to improve quality of life for communities in Belmont County, Ohio

October 3, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Mr. Supattanapong Punmeechaow, President and Chief Executive Officer of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, Thailand’s largest integrated petrochemical company, joined a Thai business delegation accompanying Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha during his official visit to the United States.

During the visit, Mr. Punmeechaow attended the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding between Mr. Toasaporn Boonyapipat, President and Chief Executive Officer of PTTGC America, and Mr. John Minor, President and Chief Investment Officer of JobsOhio, an investment promotion agency of the State of Ohio. Under the MOU, the two parties will jointly establish a community infrastructure development plan to enhance the well-being and quality of life for the communities in the area surrounding PTTGC America’s planned petrochemical complex in Belmont County, Ohio, after the Final Investment Decision.

PTTGC America, a subsidiary company of Thailand’s PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, continues to make significant progress on the petrochemical complex development project. The company has conducted the front-end engineering design for the complex over the past two years to help determine the project’s feasibility. At this stage, an economic evaluation and further engineering work are underway. PTTGC America considers this process to be a critical pathway for the project’s success and is committing the resources needed to ensure that all technical and economic criteria are met before making its final investment decision for the project.

PTTGC America’s substantial investment in the petrochemical complex project will create thousands of construction jobs, provide hundreds of full-time jobs, and bring sustainable socio-economic benefits to nearby communities, the surrounding region, and the State of Ohio.